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Azura Multi Floor Cushion Cover

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Azura Multi Floor Cushion Cover

Fabtela provides you superior quality Azura Multi Floor Cushion Cover. An eye-catchy bright colored stripe makes you feel good

  • Floor Cushion Cover
  • Category:  Basic Bedding
  • Cushion Cover Size:  31 x 31 Inch
  • Quality: Rich Cotton
  • Thread Count: T-200
  • Package:  Floor Cushion Cover

In stock

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Azura Multi Floor Cushion Cover

Superior quality Azura Multi Floor Cushion Cover. Simple yet elegant look like a 3D cushion cover in multicolor


  1. Fabtela ensures the best quality and long-lasting, durable and colorful sheets for valued customers. In order to make sure the sturdiness of the sheets and its colors, we advise to follow the following washing instructions:
  2. Wash out your sheets, pillows and put it in an airy place to dry. Always dry fabric (sheets) in a shady and airy place or avoid hanging in bright sunlight, as UV ultraviolet rays can affect or damage the fabric and its colors.
  3. Research has found that twisting a fabric can reduce its life. Do twist fabric hardly, to ensure its durability.
  4. Wash it at high temperatures like on more than 60 degrees as recommended internationally. Excessive hot water can damage the yarn and faintness of fabric.
  5. New bedsheets and pillows should be washed before use.


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